What happens when you start oiling your navel?

So does the navel, like other parts of our body, also benefit from oiling? Not only the navel, but the whole body, including our skin, benefits from lubricating the navel with oil. This is a primitive tradition, described in our Vedas and Ayurveda, according to which women and men lubricate the navel with oil to nourish the whole body. Medical evidence has shown that the navel is connected to various veins throughout the body, and lubricating it can help heal a variety of ailments.

If we are generally talking about the technique of umbilical oil, it has many advantages as most mothers have learned that their children can help with correction, balancing and repair of neuronal connections in their body.
Benefits of oils:
people often use mustard, cowghee (desi ghee) or coconut oil on the navel, but it is not effective because of the lack of Ayurvedic qualities with heating elements. The massage must be with an oil containing extracts, e.g. B. take, tea tree, lemon, grape feed and almond oil, which helps to clean your navel for the biggest effects.
Navel oil helps the body to detoxify the body and promotes healthy, radiant skin, free from radical damage. In addition, the navel oil absorbs faster and provides livelihood from the inside.
How to leave?
This process only takes two minutes. Pour oil over her navel and that’s all about it. Massage your navel in a circular motion for 510 minutes after applying to your navel. For the best result you do this daily before you go with the bed or after the bathroom. The oils can also feel more relaxed at night when you wake up in the morning.

During the menstrual cycle, you can also use coconut oil on your navel, it helps to calm the cramps.
The navel is more than just a small point of your nabel; It is the room that has the answer to many cosmetic problems. The navel is connected to many veins throughout the body, and when it is fed with oil, it helps with the treatment of different health problems. Which carrier or an oil you choose, mustard or rosemarinite, is useful for you!
helps to remove dirt: Cleaning the nabel removes bacteria and dirt, which is built up and free of possible diseases to the stomach and umbilical regions.
Helps skin cleaning: massaging and routinely have to be the oils of your nabel on your todo list if you want a radiant face and a healthier skin texture. The oils of your belly button can cleanse your blood and eliminate pollutants and imperfections. Therapeutic oils such as asset oil, hailhor oil, coconut oil and lemon essential oil can help.

Brightens Lip Tint: Applied to the navel every night before bedtime, coconut oil brightens and protects the lips from chapping.
Good for the eyes: If you have poor eyesight, try lubricating your navel with a dilute solution mixed with mustard oil and it will improve the health of your eyes. Also for those who constantly tire their eyes in front of the screen, this is a good way to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

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