Want to decorate the house as you like? Avoid five mistakes

Home is a place of peace for all. There is no other place of peace than home to relieve the fatigue of the whole day. So I want the house to be like my own mind. In this case, someone is naturally messy. Someone again very tiptop, chitfat. The mood is hot whenever something goes from side to side. They pay special attention to home decoration, they like to decorate the house with their own hands.

Again, many people make some mistakes in this case. The main reason is lack of planning or thinking. Decorate the house, but if you avoid some mistakes, your inner courtyard can become more beautiful, brighter. Let’s find out what mistakes should be avoided-

>> Many people put chandeliers on the ceiling of the house as a hobby. It enhances the beauty of the house, but it is not good to see the chandelier hanging higher. Moreover, as a result, the light cannot spread in that way, the house looks dark. Install chandeliers, but at a short distance from the ceiling.

>> Never make the screen smaller. There is no problem if the curtain hangs a little higher, but it is worse to see if it is smaller than the height of the window or door. In addition to length, color is very important in the case of screens. Choose screen colors that match the color of the walls and furniture.

>> Many people like to hang pictures on the wall. When hanging pictures, make sure that they are not too high on the wall. No one would like to see pictures with their necks raised.

>> Many people fall into the trap of advertising in choosing colors. I liked looking at any color in the store, but when I used it at home, I saw a big difference between the two colors. Especially in the case of gray. Many times in the light something gray looks bluish. So be careful when choosing colors.

>> I chose the color, but then I saw that it is not going with the furniture. Furniture can be changed if desired. But once the color is done, there is a lot of trouble to do it again. So first decide what type or color of furniture you want. Choose wall colors like that.

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