Signs of premature birth

Many pregnant women give birth prematurely. These are called premature babies. Some of these children can have a number of physical problems. You can know easily when you see some symptoms of a pregnant woman.

There are some signs that indicate a pregnant woman will give birth to a premature baby or not.

Number 1. Being careless and not taking proper care of herself during pregnancy
Number 2. Drinking alcohol & smoking during pregnancy
Number 3. Having more than one child in the womb carries the risk of having a premature baby.
Number 4. In the case of a test-tube baby, the baby may be born prematurely.
Number 5. Increased pressure on special organs.
Number 6. Frequently feeling pain in the belly.
Number 7. Premature births are more likely to occur if you have abdominal pain such as period pain or if you have diarrhea.

These are the most common symptoms.

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