Saimum Shajid’s popularity story

Saimum Shajid was born in Char Jor Pukuria village of Sujanagar upazila of Pabna district. Father Shahjahan Ali is a pharmacist by profession, mother Rupali Khatun is a housewife. Shajid passed SSC in 2016 from Chinakhara High School in Pabna. Then he was admitted in the computer department of Faridpur Polytechnic Institute. He is currently studying in the sixth grade.

From an early age, Shajid was more interested in sports than studies. Especially playing cricket was his passion. The dream was to become a great cricketer. But Shajid’s mother did not like sports. Even then, when Shajid played cricket in secret and won the Champions Trophy and gave it to his mother, his mother would have been very happy.

Shajid was also very interested in acting. Shajid’s two elder brothers used to take Shajid to different occasions. Shajid wanted to become an actor after watching the performance there. Shajid’s father and two elder brothers have always inspired Shajid.

Shajid said, “Once my two elder brothers used to go to see different programs with me, so I was very happy to see the performances there. I wanted to act like that and I used to watch dramas on TV at home and present the characters of those dramas in front of my father and mother. And my two older brothers used to take me to different school outfit programs and I got a lot of prizes from there. This is how my desire to act comes to the fore.

Shajid further said, especially I used to watch more plays of my favorite actor Chanchal Chowdhury’s character and I used to try to play his character more. A funny story is that when my mother was angry with me for some reason, I used to break my anger by laughing at my mother by acting. Even when everyone in the family was together, I would talk about one or the other acting character.

Shajid received a yes card in the ‘Acting’ category from Rajshahi Division for the country’s first multi-talent hunt reality show ‘GPH Ispat Ananya Pratibha’ aired on NTV, one of the country’s most popular reality shows. Then the main episode of Dhaka went to the quarter finals.

Shajid’s favorite actor is Chanchal Chowdhury. Shajid likes to play his character. Harkipte, Sakin Sarisuri, Japan Doctor has gained good popularity by playing the role of a doctor. Many now call Shajid Chanchal Chowdhury Pro-Max.

Shajid said, I wanted to meet my favorite actor Chanchal Chowdhury. But I could not even dream that I would act in front of him. Miracle Wisdom Challenger Champion Abu Hena Rony Vaiyar’s script and Wahidul Islam Shuvro Bhai’s collaboration on the ‘Unique Talent’ stage in front of Chanchal Chowdhury in ‘Harkipate, Patri Chai and Ainabaji’s character surprised him. Chanchal Chowdhury was surprised to see my performance and said, I am sitting here, then who was performing on the stage? I was surprised to see you walking. Blessings and good wishes for you.

At present, Shajid’s ticket has more than 350,000 followers. Shajid likes to entertain people a lot. When parents, locals, relatives, friends say you like acting a lot, keep going! These words of theirs give a lot of inspiration to Shajid. Acting is not Shajid’s job, acting is his addiction. Shajid is working to fulfill his desire to be a good actor in the future.

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