MySQL to MariaDB Upgrade Failed | Here is the Solution!


Usually, people face problems such as when you install a Cpanel by default it is Mysql 5.7. When we try to upgrade that to MariaDB 10.6 you might face this error. So here is how you can fix the problem. First, you need to login in to your server’s SSH. “Putty for Windows & Terminal for Mac” Then type yum install nano -y. This will install a text editor on your server. Then type “nano /etc/hosts” after that you will see many IP addresses just go down using your keyboard’s down key. Simply paste “” this using “Ctrl ( On Mac: control ) V”. You are almost done now simply type “Ctrl (On Mac: control ) X” then just press “y” then press “Enter (On Mac: Return). Then try to upgrade to MariaDB from Mysql it should work now perfectly.

yum install nano -y
nano /etc/hosts


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