Mr. Rashed has become quite popular in Bagladesh as Mr. Bean

British comedian Mr. Bean is the beloved face of everyone in the world, big and small. He amuses everyone with his gestures. A young man from Bangladesh plays the exact role of Mr. Bean with a doll wearing a suit and shoes. I was talking about Rashed Sikder, a sophomore at Edward State College in Pabna.

Rashed is basically a wizard. His magic handcuffs were made in 2010 by the magician Prince Akasha. After that, he learned magic from many. Since then, it has been regularly showing Magic in Bangladesh (BTV) since 2016.
In an interview with Time News, Rashed told the story of how he became “master.” Beans.

When asked how he got into the role, Rashed Sikder said he had a great interest in magic since childhood. He first entered the world of magic in 2010 by the wizard Prince Akasha. Later, many were trained, including Ashish Kumar Mandala and Prince Alamgir. The Lord is trying to start acting as a bean as early as February.

About introducing himself as Mr. Bean, Rashed said, “When I went on stage to show my magic and put on my coat, tie, etc., many people said that I looked like Bean.” I wouldn’t listen to the words. Suddenly, the Bangladeshi magician M. Rahman told me that the Rashed Tumito magician looks like the king of comedy, Mr. Bean. You can try this too if you like. Hope something good happens. I’m trying to do this.

He said I did not encounter any obstacles. I get a very good answer. Everyone, young and old, welcomes my character. I love it.

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