Kohli will retire from international T20!

A couple of weeks ago, Virat Kohli suddenly announced that he would not lead India in the T20 format at the end of the upcoming World Cup. Now there is a rumor that he can retire from this format.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is currently underway. Kohli has already announced that he will not lead Royal Challengers Bangalore at the end of this year’s event. In this situation, what is being heard in the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) is waiting for another surprise.

According to rumors, Kohli can now remove himself from the T20 format! Surprising to hear, but in reality if Kohli announces his retirement from the national T20 team this time, it will not be a surprise.

That’s why now cricketers have to live in drawn cricket. No one gets a chance to rest because of the lot of series. And no one is unaware of the Indian captain’s love for Test cricket.

Kohli himself has repeatedly said how passionate he is about Test cricket. Sources say that Kohli may give up a format to focus more on batting and reduce workload. And it is more likely to be T20.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni abruptly said goodbye to Test cricket in the middle of the 2014 tour of Australia. He used to play ODIs and T20s after retiring from Tests. According to rumors, Kohli may follow that path. In that case, he will only play ODIs and Tests.

However, Kohli can not leave the T20 completely. He may be seen in the IPL even if he leaves the International T20. We will have to wait a few more days to find out if the rumor is actually true.

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