Jewel Al Hassan an undefeated volunteer

Jewel Al Hasan (Mr.) son of Boyrabari village in Belkuchi upazila of Sirajganj district.

From an early age he had a keen interest in social and humanitarian work. With the SSC examination, starting from serving the helpless people of the society, he is constantly engaged in various social activities.

Meanwhile, everyone in Sirajganj, including Belkuchi Upazila, knows and knows him as an undefeated volunteer. Because even though there are many obstacles, he is constantly doing all these things without thinking about everything. That’s why this 22-year-old Jewel Al Hassan is constantly being praised in the upper house. People from all over the area including Belkuchi are very happy with his work.

When I asked him, he said that I, a child of a middle class family, grew up seeing various problems and adversities from my childhood, so I always wanted to do something for the helpless people of the society by keeping myself involved in all these activities. I want to continue with the prayers and love of people for the rest of my life.

He does all this work through the well-wishers of Facebook. The well-wishers on the list come forward to do their work if they post the problems and details of a helpless person. He said I want to move forward by worshiping honesty. I want everyone’s blessings.

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