How to increase the level of vitamin D in the body

During this epidemic of coronavirus, we realized how important vitamin D is to boost our body’s resistance to disease. To protect the skin, where everyone used to protect themselves from the sun, now doctors are advising to apply it on the skin. Because the biggest source of vitamin D is sunlight.

When exposed to sunlight, our body makes vitamin D on its own. If enough vitamin D is made in the body, it can get rid of various diseases. A 2007 study found that vitamin D significantly reduced the risk of heart disease. Another study in 2010 found that the vitamin also helps eliminate seasonal flu.

This vitamin is fat soluble. Increases immunity as well as maintains mental health, strengthens bones and muscles. It also keeps away serious diseases like heart problems, diabetes and cancer. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of Vitamin D.

Increasing immunity

Vitamin D helps to increase immunity. Improves immunity and protects the body from infection. Therefore, vitamin D should be taken regularly to avoid various viruses and bacteria including corona.

Relieves stress

Vitamin D can affect our mood, experts say. They said that if a patient suffering from depression is given a vitamin D supplement, their condition has improved. If your body is deficient in vitamin D, you will become exhausted, depressed and panicked. It is important to take vitamin D to cut these.

Helps in weight control

Those who want to lose weight can take vitamin D supplements with the advice of a doctor. Experts claim that weight loss is easier for those who take regular calcium and vitamin D supplements. Usually the vitamin we get from sunlight or the vitamin we eat is vitamin D3. Our body cannot take vitamin D2.

How to increase the level of vitamin D in the body

Vitamin D is most abundant in sunlight. So apply it on the sun every morning. After sunrise, the body gets the required amount of vitamin D till 9 in the morning. After that, as the day progresses, the amount of ultraviolet rays of the sun increases. These rays are harmful to the body. So it is better not to sit in the sun during the day. You can also take vitamin D supplements. There are also some foods that provide vitamin D to the body. Find out about those foods-

Fish, meat and eggs

Fish, meat and eggs provide protein as well as vitamin D. Fish is considered to be one of the sources of vitamin D. In this case, marine fish, especially salmon fish are kept ahead. So eat these foods regularly to fill the vitamin D deficiency.


Beneficial vegetable mushrooms. It contains a lot of vitamin D. White button mushrooms, wild edible and chanterelle mushrooms are rich in vitamin D. Mushrooms and cod liver oil contain the most vitamin D after sun exposure.

Fortified food

There are many foods that release vitamins and minerals during processing. Fortified food eliminates this deficiency. It enhances the nutritional value of food. Bread, cereals, milk, cheese, soy milk and orange juice are fortified foods. It will match vitamin D.


Milk is a full meal. It contains adequate vitamin D and calcium along with other nutrients. So you should drink a glass of milk every day. There are also benefits to playing with yogurt, cheese, etc.

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