Fatal disease that is increasing the use of phones sitting in the toilet

Many people feel helpless if they do not have a smartphone in hand for a minute! It’s hard to spend a minute now without a smartphone. Many people go to the toilet with the phone in hand. However, this practice can bring serious danger, according to research.

Such information has come up in a research paper of the University of Sydney recently. Researchers claim that more than 50 per cent of Australians and more than 60 per cent of Americans use mobile phones in toilets.

More than 80 per cent of British citizens go to the toilet with a mobile phone in hand. The Indians are not far behind. More than 80 percent of Indians do the same. As a result, scientists have published a list of problems that increase the risk. Find out what the research data says-

When you go to the toilet with the phone in hand, you spend a lot of time there unknowingly. As a result, there is pressure on the anus. This increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

Not only hemorrhoids, but also sitting in the toilet for a long time puts pressure on the rectal veins. There may also be inflammation. It can also increase various diseases of the anus like piles.

At the same time, the damp environment of the toilet is home to thousands of germs. When you use the phone in the toilet, germs will settle there.

It also contains germs like E. coli. They later became the cause of various infections. However, the most dangerous are germs like Salmonella.

These germs can easily nest on the phone. This germ causes the phone to get hot while using. In hot climates, Salmonella-like germs reproduce very quickly.

Later it spread in the body. These germs can cause various types of infections. If someone’s body’s immune system is weakened, these infections can be fatal for them. So from now on, think about your health before going to the toilet.

Source: Dailymail / Healthline

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