Daily Kites featuring – FriliX Group

Assalamualaikum ,

In this article we gonna learn about Frilix Group. What does they do so let’s begin.

FriliX is the main name of Company. Frilix Group is mainly an online based company where people work for other companies. FriliX mainly do Server Management, Website Designing, Music Producing, Selling Domain & Hosting etc. They give the best customer support. They have also support plans such as standard support & premium support. People are getting standard support with all products in FriliX. Their service & products starts from 5$ to 5000$. Web Hosting price starts from 10$ to 100$. Server Management price starting from 30$ to 1000$. Website Designing & Development starts from 50$ to 4000$. Music Producing & Publishing 100$ to 3000$. Video Editing & Graphic Designing pricing starts from 4$ to 900$. You can check FriliX website to know more about FriliX Group.

Main investors of this company are Multicare, Marshalhost, Adbreaks, Yellowhost. The owner and founder of FriliX is Kh Raad.

To contact with them simply call : +8809696762311 cause they provide call support.

You can contact them through E-Mail : [email protected]

If you are from outside from Bangladesh then simply contact them through Fiverr.

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