Children are victims of the negative effects of technology

Technology is our main helper nowadays. But at the same time this technology has become the cause of misfortune for our new generation.
If you look at the present times, you can see that busy working couples do not have time to give small children. Therefore, children are given cellphones or tablets to facilitate their work. At an age when parents spend time listening to stories, we are distracting them by watching cartoons.

Cartoons are definitely something that children like. And devices like cellphones, tablets, televisions and computers are always enjoyed by children. But that too has an age, a time.

Many studies have shown that these electronic devices have many negative effects. Excessive use of devices can have a detrimental effect on a child’s social skills development. These include losing the ability to form friendships with people, take responsibility for tasks, display good manners, use elegant language, regulate emotions and emotions, follow verbal instructions, and develop empathy for others. A child may also be less attentive to and less sensitive to social cues.

Children may also become withdrawn from social contact due to spending more time using electronic devices. Not only this, it can also affect the child’s mental health.

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