157 Bangladeshis detained in Malta jail released

Chief Reporter:

The All European Bangladesh Association (AEBA) has released the names of 156 Bangladeshis detained in Malta, a small country in Europe.

Recently, the names of Bangladeshis in jail have been published on social media.


It is learned that Ayeba has continued discussions with a large Maltese law firm on how to keep Bangladeshis in Malta in the legal process through anonymity.

The families of the helpless Bangladeshis have already been contacted and expressed frustration.

Firoz Ahmed, one of the vice-presidents of Aiba, has already visited Malta to see the situation and talk to the leading expatriate Bangladeshis in Malta.

He said the All European Bangladesh Association had been by their side for the protection of expatriate Bangladeshis in the past, still is and will be in the future InshaAllah.

In this regard, Aibar Secretary General Kazi Enayet Ullah told the media that discussions are underway with lawyers to keep the helpless Bangladeshis here with legal assistance.


The All European Bangladesh Association has stood by the helpless Bangladeshis along with Ayeba and will continue to do so in the future.

He said Aiba had previously worked for helpless illegal Bangladeshis in various European countries. Following this, Ayeba will do as much as he can to help the 156 Bangladeshis in Malta’s jails.

Our organization has already started working with a large legal firm in Malta. He sought the cooperation of all in this regard.

He also urged the government to take strict legal action against those involved in human trafficking and illegally sending Bangladeshis abroad.

The detained Bangladeshis have appealed to the Maltese government for political asylum. They came to Malta illegally through different countries.

According to the EU’s agreement to repatriate illegal immigrants in 2016, the Maltese government can repatriate them at any time. Earlier, 44 Bangladeshis were deported from the country.

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